Saturday, 14 September 2013

If anyone would like to come in for a meet and greet, say hi or an audition for the film Sound of Tears, we will be at The Fringe Lab 720 Bathurst Street today from 9am-12p. we have only 3 slots left but we will meet everyone.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sound Of Tears Casting Call

A heartfelt film with a powerful message. Story: A young woman trapped in a forced marriage must relinquish a forbidden love. It is a matter of Family Honor.


JOSH: Mid to late 30s, Caucasian. Handsome. Athletic.  At first glance he radiates an air of arrogance but a closer look reveals otherwise.  He is frustrated, resentful, and feels betrayed by Amina. He stands his ground and refuses to be cowed by anyone.

WALI: 30-40, Black African. Amina’s brother. Conniving. Abides by customs and tradition. He will do whatever his parents say and what is right by the community. His sister’s affair has made him the laughing stock amongst his friends. He will do anything to set things right.

MALIK: 15-18, Black African. Amina’s brother. Sweet-faced and gentle. He loves his sister dearly and is indecisive about her affair. He is caught between a rock and a hard place.

MRS. SALEH: 50-60, Black African. Amina’s Mother. Maternal. Abides by customs and tradition. Impatient and appologetic. She loves her daughter, but her behavior is unacceptable.

SAMAH: Early 30’s, Black African. Amina’s best friend. Protective and loyal. Although Samah doesn’t condone Amina’s affair, she wants everything for her, and finds herself arranging a secret meeting for the two to meet.

MR. SALEH:  55-68, Black African. Amina’s father. A tall man with a stunning presence and a powerful voice. As a leader in his community he abides strictly by customs and tradition and everything he says must be carried out accordingly. He has his eyes set on Omar as his son-in-law. His daughter would be married to no other.

WISE MAN: 60s. Black African. Keeps the peace in the community.

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